Okay, I have to say this because….IT JUST HAS TO BE SAID.


She is the most amazing person ever


I just

I can’t even

No seriously

This girl

She’s better than bunnies.

Mother. Fucking. Bunnies.

I’m not even joking

I don’t know how she does what she does. She is the most beautiful, intelligent person ever. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and the strongest person too. She loves with everything she is and even when she gets hurt, she cares for people regardless. She is so strong and I just want to hold her and protect her so she doesn’t have to be so strong all the time…

I was so empty without her. I really was. Hisoka is my other half. And I cry sometimes when I think about the time we wasted because of something so stupid.

We are apart of each other and I hope to one day live next to her so I can go over her house and and and hug her and protect her and and and just….love her.

She’s just seriously the Hisoka to my Tsuzuki.

But yes, in closing.

Hisoka is better than you.

Deal with it.

*edit because I said ‘ever’ so much*

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